Saturday, November 28, 2015

Faery Ink Guest DT Application

Hello crafty friends! About a month ago I stumbled across an image from Faery Ink. I have fallen head over heals with these gorgeous images! Today I am applying for their Guest Design team with a card that I made using Holiday Tree Destiny.

Isn't she just GORGEOUS!?! I find her eyes memorizing.  

I have colored her with Copic markers. 

The following card is one I previously made using Destiny Snow Faery. You can find the post with this card HERE

Application questions

1) How did you find Faery Ink?
I found Faery Ink images in the Facebook group Kit and Clowder. 

2) What are your top 3 Faery Ink images? Why?
My 3 favorite images are Coco Marshmallow Fae (this may sound silly, but I love the cup in this image. It reminds me of a coffee cup my Dad always drank from before he passed away), Holiday Tree Destiny (I love her long flowing hair and her eyes),  and Destiny Snow Faery (again, I love her eyes and those adorable little polar bears).

3) How many projects have you made from Faery Ink images
I have made two projects with Faery Ink images. 

4) What kind of projects do you like to make with Faery Ink images?
I like to make cards with my Faery Ink images. 

5) How many design teams are you currently on?
I am currently on 7 design teams. 

6) How many projects do you need to complete each month in order to satisfy your obligations to your other design teams?
 I get to do 14 assignments a month to satisfy my dt obligations. I know that sounds like a lot, but I always have my assignments done early or on time =)

7) Would you be open to a long term spot on the team?
Not at this time.

8) Is there a month between December 2015 and November 2016 that you will be unavailable to be a guest designer?
Nope, I am completely open =) 

9) Are you familiar with WordPress blogging platform?
I am not familiar with this, but I learn quickly. 

10) How often do you post on Facebook?
I post several times a week on Facebook (in different groups)

11) Do you participate in groups on Facebook?
Yes, lots of them. 

12) What other social media platforms are you active on?
I am on Pinterest, and Instagram

13) Are you anything you want to add?  
Thank you very much for the opportunity to apply for Faery Ink guest designer. These images are beautiful.  I enjoy working with them. 


  1. Wow Tina you have coloured that amazing image beautifully wow, love the colours and design
    lorraine x


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