Sunday, October 8, 2017

Rubbernecker Mason Jars and Daisies Stamps

Hello friends! Boy, have I been keeping busy with crafting and blogging lately. I love it! I hope you are loving it too. 

Today I am sharing my first attempt at a new coloring medium...Tim Holtz Distress Markers.  

First of all, I chose the stamps I wanted to work with. I wanted to go with pretty a pretty simple image since I had never colored with distress markers. I didn't want to spend a bunch of time on something I wasn't sure would turn out. The Daisies and the Mason Jar Set from Rubbernecker stamps were perfect. Pretty, but wouldn't take a lot of time. 

I stamped the Daisies and one jar from Mason Jar Set on to watercolor paper. 

As I colored the Daisies and the Mason Jar, I used a water brush to dilute and spread the ink. I'd color a little and then go back over it with the water brush. Sometimes, I would go over it a couple times. Using these distress markers is sure a lot different than coloring with Copic markers! 
This was definitly a learning experience for me. I ended up using too much water with the inks which make them bleed into areas where they shouldn't have. Some area's I made a lot darker than I wanted. Honestly, once I was done coloring this, I wanted to toss it in the garbage. 

However, I decided to make a card with it anyway. I wanted to do this for those of you who do not share your work because you think you are not as good as someone else. Or you do not share your work because you don't think it is good enough. Please be kind to yourself. We are all beginners at one point. No one is perfect. I make mistakes on my projects often. The important thing here is...Are you having fun? Are you learning as you go along? Be patient. Give yourself lots of time to practice. 

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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