Sunday, June 15, 2014

Pinterest inspired shelves

I have been trying to figure out how I wanted to display pictures on my living room wall for almost a year. I saw these shelves from Shanty2chic on Pinterest and knew they would be perfect! There won't be a bunch of holes in the wall, I can change the pictures out from time to time and they won't fall crooked.

My husband is pretty awesome...whenever I come to him with a project in mind he says "just tell me what you need and I'll do it." He's a keeper! Anyways...this time I showed him the shelves and told him I wanted him to teach me how to make them.  He gave me step by step instructions and helped me with my project instead of me helping him with my project =)

I decided I wanted 5 5' and four 3'. I cut the 1"x4"x10' boards to size, pulled out the staples

 and then we sanded them.

(Note: if you are using a belt sander and have a helper holding the board, make sure she does not let go to adjust her grip. The board will go flying! Not that I did that or anything) I ripped one of the boards down the middle for the front of the shelves.

Once all the cutting and sanding was done we glued the pieces together, clamped and then nailed them for extra strength.

We scraped any glue that snuck out off with a putty knife and then we let them sit over night to dry. The next day we sanded the dried glue spots and I stained the shelves with this stain we got at Lowes. 

Here the shelves are sitting on their back, drying. I absolutely love how they turned out! I only had to put one coat on. After I stained them I let them sit for about 4 hours.

Here's my boys hanging them up! I was so excited!

It looks even better than I had imagined! These shelves were sooooo easy to make and they only cost about $10 a shelf and that's Alaska prices! You people in the lower 48 could probably make them for a little cheaper.

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