Tuesday, February 17, 2015

On An Air Adventure

Have you heard?!?! Cricut is releasing the new Cricut Explore Air on Feb. 18th.
 I've had the Explore for almost a year now and couldn't LOVE it more! Well, except now that they have an iPad app. I'm in crafting heaven! 
A Facebook group that I am a part of is having a contest to win a Cricut Explore Air and I have entered a Steampunk Swap. So, I am using my canvas for both =)
Project entries for the Cricut contest have to support an "Air" theme and use the color blue.  
Here's what I came up with...

It's an 11x14in canvas.
I know I have said this before, but I LOVE working with Regina's files!
 Her files make crafting so easy.  

I didn't know exactly how I was going to do the balloon when I first started this project. I just knew that I wanted it to be 3D. 

I started by cutting 7 balloons out of card stock and scoring them down the middle.

I put two balloons together and duct taped over both sides. Since I had an odd number I just folded one in half and taped it.

I added little beads of hot glue and then painted the balloons with Gesso.

As I was waiting for the balloons to dry I watched THIS video to learn how to paint a night sky on the canvas. It was much easier than I had thought it would be. 

Once the balloons were dry I hot glued them together. I used the same steps to make the balloons Steam Punk as I did in the Altered Composition Notebook I made. You can find that tutorial HERE.

The basket is made out of a small box that I covered with corrugated card board. I put little hot glue bubbles on it and then painted it. 

The cute little Steam Punk Love image in the frame, I found on Pinterest. 

The chains are attached to the inside of the box with hot glue and the gears are attached with E6000. 
I used Gel Medium to adhere the balloon and the basket to the canvas.   

I made the sand bags out of some scrap fabric...it wasn't the exact color I wanted so I painted it. I also painted the dark blue roses to match. 

I used the Explore to write on the flag. The writing feature is one of my favorite things about the Explore. I use it all the time for the inside of cards, tags, and envelops. 

 I had so much fun making this canvas! 

Thank you for stopping by Toadally Love To Craft! Happy Crafting!


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